Center for Minimally-invasive Surgery of the Nose, the Sinuses and the anterior Skull Base

Welcome to Starnberg nose and sinus center

Starnberg nose and sinus center was founded by Prof. Grevers in 2001, when he went into private practice after almost 20 years as an ENT surgeon at the ENT Department of the University of Munich.
Prof. Grevers has subspecialized in rhinology and has been involved with the diagnostic and therapeutic management of nose and paranasal sinus disease for many years.

The surgical spectrum covers a wide range of procedures, including functional and plastic surgery of the nose, minimal-invasive surgery of the paranasal sinuses (FESS) and anterior skull base and the surgical treatment of snoring.
At SNC we perfom more than 1000 surgical procedures of the nose and paranasal sinuses each year. Depending on the kind and extent of the operation, surgery can be carried out as an in- or out-patient procedure.